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We have been in the “Nutritional Supplement Industry” for over 20 years and have never seen a company with the ”Scientific Validation” that LifeVantage has.  The fact that it is a public company with sixteen peer-reviewed “Double Blind” studies published by independent universities have already been completed.  There is presently an additional twenty universities worldwide studying Protandim in fighting specific ailments, supports our confidence in sharing the LifeVantage message.

Proceed to:, (The US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health website), insert in the search box “Oxidative Stress” and find over 129,000 Clinical Studies related to oxidative stress.  Type in “oxidative stress and any disease” and you will find the number of diseases that are related to oxidative stress.  Type in “Protandim” and you will receive the list of all the studies completed on Protandim.

The following link is to the “National Institute of Health” website, where the sixteen peer-reviewed “Double Blind” studies, published by independent universities that have been completed, are listed:




If you wish to obtain “Protandim”, “TrueScience” and/or “Canine Health” at wholesale prices, please first contact the representative that referred you to this website and enroll with them, or if you are ready to enroll with us, click here to "JOIN LIFEVANTAGE" and follow the "Enrollment Option" process.